New Focus on In-House Real Estate Evaluations

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In April 2018, the OCC, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and the FDIC (collectively, the agencies) adopted a final rule to amend regulations requiring appraisals of real estate for certain transactions. The final rule increased the threshold above which appraisals are required for commercial real estate transactions, from $250,000 to $500,000. This increase allows lenders to reduce the cost of credit for loans at or below the revised threshold for commercial real estate. However, some believe that community banks face a disadvantage if they are not able to perform in-house evaluations.  

This presentation will provide guidance from which a sound real estate evaluation program can be started or strengthened. It will include a detailed discussion about required evaluation content, including the direct sales comparison, income, and cost approaches to market value. In addition, the webinar will address previously defined appraisal exceptions, circumstances when an appraisal may be more appropriate, and the validation of previously established valuations, including the useful life of a valuation.


  • Evaluations
  • April 2018 threshold and other thresholds that did not increase
  • Appraisal exemptions and other circumstances when an evaluation is permitted
  • Required content and supporting information for real property evaluations
  • Defining market value
  • Three approaches to value:  direct sales comparison, income, and cost
  • Use of tax assessment value
  • Supporting source information
  • When an appraisal should be ordered
  • Validity of previous valuations
  • Factors in determining the validity of a previously developed appraisal/evaluation
  • Documenting validation
  • What is a subsequent transaction and when is it appropriate to use a validation?
  • When should a new appraisal be ordered?
  • Independence standards – who should order the evaluation and develop it?
  • Who should review the evaluation or validation?


  • Presentation manual, including required contents list
  • Validation worksheet for previously developed valuations
  • Employee training log
  • Quiz you can administer to measure staff learning and a separate answer key

The presentation will address all aspects of evaluation development and validation of previously prepared appraisals and evaluations. It will benefit real estate underwriters, lending officers, loan support personnel, appraisal management staff, credit administrative staff, auditors, and loan reviewers.

PLEASE NOTE: The live webinar option allows you to have one telephone connection for the audio portion and one Internet connection (from a single computer terminal) to view online visuals as the presentation is delivered. You may have as many people as you like listen from your office speaker phone.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER – Aaron Lewis, Young & Associates, Inc.
Aaron Lewis is a consultant in the lending and compliance divisions of Young and Associates. As a consultant, he assists clients by performing loan reviews and ALL methodology reviews. In addition, he has performed reviews in lending compliance and quality control. Prior to joining Young and Associates, Aaron was employed by a community bank in southeast Michigan for eleven years. He worked his way through various facets of the operation from frontline service, to branch management, to Vice President, Credit Administrator. He also has secondary market, compliance, and asset quality experience. Aaron holds a Bachelor’s in finance from Michigan State University and graduated from the Graduate School of Banking, University of Wisconsin.

Originally recorded on November 30, 2018.

Recorded webinar is available until May 31, 2019.

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