Director Series: Risk & Capital in Strategic Planning for the Board

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Understanding and managing risk has never been more critical in the strategic planning process. The FDIC, OCC, and Federal Reserve are all examining banks’ risk profile and the adequacy of capital to mitigate that risk.This webinar will:

  1. Go through the process of developing a capital plan based on your risk levels and direction
  2. Address the primary methodology in developing a capital contingency
  3. Review an actual strategic plan that uses these approaches


  • Determining the level and direction of each risk category
  • How each risk category affects the need for capital – they are not all the same
  • Importance of understanding cyber security risk
  • How to determine capital adequacy which is not your capital goal
  • Raising capital if needed – the difference between adding and preserving capital
  • Integrating capital and risk into the strategic plan
  • Importance of discussing strategies holistically
  • How to maximize shareholder value and profitability within your desired risk appetite
  • Examples of methodologies to:
    • Determine capital adequacy
    • Stress test capital
    • Build a strategic plan that focuses on value and profit

      ABOUT THE PRESENTER – Gary J. Young, Young & Associates, Inc.

      Gary J. Young is Chief Executive Officer of Young & Associates, Inc. During 37 years in consulting and 48 years in the industry, he has assisted hundreds of financial institutions from coast-to-coast with improving shareholder value and profit, establishing effective strategic plans, management assessments, regulatory concerns, budgeting, asset/liability management, expansion planning, and mergers and acquisitions. 

      Gary is a popular speaker due to his practical and valuable insight and has conducted seminars throughout the United States and in Europe. Gary is on the board of a community bank, manages a bank investment fund, and is a co-founder of Capital Market Securities, Inc., which assists with mergers and acquisitions.

      Originally recorded on January 26, 2017.

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