BSA Compliance Series: BSA Compliance Hotspots: Regulators, Litigation, Policies & Procedures

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Bank Secrecy Act (BSA/AML) issues are some of the most challenging facing the financial industry. The expectations for mitigating AML risk keep changing, because money launderers continually alter their techniques. Where are the highest risks for money laundering and how should they be monitored? What do examiners expect and what issues have they cited recently? Do you know about recent litigation and legal risk? Join us to learn the answers to these questions and more, plus receive a checklist to ensure you have current, comprehensive BSA policies and procedures.


  • List of monitoring reports and what can be learned from each
  • SAR advisory key terms – information from FinCEN regarding the types of activities to monitor
    (e.g., e-mail compromise, human trafficking, funnel accounts, etc.)
  • Dealing with accountholders who are marijuana dispensaries – procedures, monitoring, and reporting
  • OFAC
    • Weak processes identified by examiners
    • Monitoring procedures and samples
  • Learning from others’ mistakes – recent BSA/AML penalties and what went wrong

ABOUT THE PRESENTER – Ann Brode-Harner, Brode Consulting Services, Inc.

Ann Brode-Harner began her career in 1973 and has continued her service as a consultant to regional and community financial institutions through a wide range of areas including strategic planning, lending, deposits, marketing, training, compliance, and management. Ann is a well-respected presenter and has spoken to audiences across the country for 25 years. She has presented sessions for numerous state associations and has taught at the School of Banking Administration at the University of Wisconsin as well as many other state banking schools. Ann is the author of “The Bank Deposit Documentation Manual for Front-Line Personnel” published by Bankers Publishing Company, and is well represented in numerous industry publications.

Originally recorded on April 25, 2017.

Recorded webinar available until December 31, 2017.

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